The Northgate Quarter

Featuring Northgate Street, Rufus Court & City Walls

Nestled just inside the City Wall, off Northgate Street, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Rufus Court is one of Chester's most striking courtyards and the winner of a Civic Trust Award.

An intimate courtyard, with shops, cafes, offices, a wine bar and flats.

The listed buildings have been restored and new buildings provide units on two levels, reflecting Chester's historic Rows spilling over onto the city walls itself.

It's worth it!

You'll find lots of independent shops, specialised sports retailers, bookshops, piercing and tattooist; you can have your nails sculpted, your hair highlighted and your body massaged.

You can eat sophisticated food in a Georgian House or al fresco on a garden terrace, drink wine in a jazz bar or relax in our hidden garden or treat yourself to tea in a quintessential tea shop.

The buildings on The City Wall date back to 1730 and have a history of artistic & creative people living there including the romantic novelist Beatrice Tunstall. Situated above the canal and near the Bridge of Sighs across Northgate Street, the restaurant on the Walls was originally the home of the hangman for Chester.

Stigma Tattoo

O.C. Jewellery

Joanne Harris

No. 1

Rufus Court Row

City Walls

Bluecoat Books

Rufus Court

Plus Eyelove, Handel’s Court Gallery, City Walls Books & Music, Edges Arms, Tea on the Wall, The Rose Garden, Katie Moore,


Piercing Bodz

Football Bootique

Centurion Toy Soldiers

Ovo Home